Tuesday, Nov. 23, 1971

HANOVER — Dartmouth College will go co-ed in September, breaking a 202-year tradition at the men’s college, and begin operating on a novel year-round basis.

NASHUA — New England can look forward to the first winter in five years without threatened fuel oil shortages because of a recent increase in imported oil, Sen. Thomas J. McIntyre, D-N.H., says.

Saturday, Nov. 23, 1996

SULLIVAN — The Sullivan zoning board denied Atlas Advanced Pyrotechnics its request for a building variance. The Jaffrey-based fireworks company wants to expand its business in Sullivan because of a new contract with Disney World. Zoning Board Chairman Eli Cinq-Mars declined to comment on the zoning board’s reasons for declining the request.

Extraordinary numbers of deformed frogs — some with as many as nine legs and one with an eye growing in its throat — have been confirmed this year throughout Minnesota and other states, largely in the Midwest. Large numbers have also been discovered in Vermont and Quebec.