Wednesday, Nov. 18, 1970

The City Council’s Bills, Land and Licenses Committee yesterday approved a change in the city’s proposed new administrative code which would “open up” almost all meetings of all government agencies here. The proposed amendment states that government boards and commissions in Keene may close their deliberations from the public only when matters of litigation against the city or discussion of city personnel is involved.

An ordinance controlling signs in Keene was endorsed unanimously yesterday by the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

Saturday Nov. 18, 1995

CHESTERFIELD — Police have determined that reports of a person jumping from the Route 9 bridge into the Connecticut River are true. Police believe the jumper was pulling a reckless stunt. If the person is ever caught, charges of disorderly conduct could be filed.

Not long ago, discount retailing in Keene was a fairly simple matter. Shopping was akin to Henry Ford’s marketing plan for the Model T: any discount chain you wanted, as long as it was Bradlees or Rich’s. On Thursday, though, the long linoleum aisles filled with cut-price merchandise in Keene got a lot longer with the opening of Kmart.