Tuesday, Nov. 16, 1971

The City of Keene has been informed that it will lose $11,880 in federal funds for the salary of a city engineer hired outside the terms of the Emergency Employment Act. W. Grant McIntosh, assistant to the governor for manpower, said the funds were being cut off because of “apparent inconsistencies” in the hiring of Thomas L. Dutton to the city engineer post.

CHARLESTOWN — The majority of juniors and seniors at Fall Mountain Regional High School would like to drive cars to school. But a policy of the school board, formulated last year, states only students with definite reasons, such as a need to drive to work after school, may bring their own cars.

Saturday, Nov. 16, 1996

About a month ago, U.S. Secret Service agents visited Keene to root out a bomb threat to the White House. It was sent to Washington, D.C., via email by somebody with an account on MonadNet. It turns out a 13-year-old boy sent the message.

Cheshire Medical Center wants to build a free-standing outpatient center for its adolescent psychiatric program. The Keene hospital’s proposal for a 3,600-square-foot building is currently being considered by the city planning board.