Monday, Nov. 16, 1970

It appears area residents will have plenty of money to spend for Christmas presents this year. According to a survey of local banks, a total of $946,809 in Christmas Club checks have been mailed during the last two weeks to local depositors.

SCITUATE, Mass. — The decomposed body of an unidentified sea creature lies on a local beach with the scientific community pondering its origins and local government officials undecided over what to do with it. The 30-foot creature, weighing between 15 and 20 tons, resembled a camel without legs.

Thursday, Nov. 16, 1995

Keene residents, community leaders and city officials have come together to compile an outline for the future of Keene. The resulting document, called the Community Goals, is a kind of wish list of what Keene ought to be, a vision “to carry Keene into the 21st century,” its preface says.

A Keene State College student, who filed a hazing complaint against Sigma Rho Upsilon sorority, told police she doesn’t want to press criminal charges but does want reforms that will prevent similar problems in the future. The woman alleges she was forced to drink alcohol and was ridiculed by sorority members in October, during what’s called Hell Week — an initiation period for pledges.