Tuesday, May 13, 1969

The planning board embarked last night on a planning program which will be the guideline for city development during the next 20 years. Hans Klunder, head of the planning firm of Hans Klunder Associates Inc. of Hanover, has been chosen by the state as the consultant firm to conduct the series of studies, evaluations and prognoses composing the master development plan in Keene.

CONCORD — Supporters of a 5 percent income tax bill today were trying to stave off defeat of the measure which comes up for floor action Wednesday. Head counts placed the gap between representatives pledged to vote in favor of the $104 million revenue measure and the majority needed for passage from one to 24.

Friday, May 13, 1994

An effort to revitalize downtown Keene got a big boost Thursday, when eight companies announced they are contributing $3.3 million in the effort. Keene Downtown Revitalization Corp. wants to renovate The Colonial Theatre and build a hotel-conference center on Main Street, as part of an ambitious effort to help pump new life into downtown Keene.

A controversial pay-per-bag proposal that would radically alter how trash is disposed of in Keene has been put on the back burner. Its prime backer, Duncan P. Watson, Keene’s solid waste manager, is proposing that the city council spend the rest of 1994 fine-tuning the idea and teaching Keene residents about it.