May 23, 1970

Keene’s city manager and health officer are sponsoring an ordinance in City Council prohibiting outdoor refuse burning of any kind within city limits. The present law governing backyard burning allows for incineration of household rubbish and states garbage can be burned only upon receipt of a permit from the city.

PETERBOROUGH — Despite the fact that New Hampshire has been “kicked out” of the New England Vacation Center in New York City for failing to pay its fair share of operating expenses, the state’s Monadnock Region will continue to have its promotional material available in the New York Office. The reason why promotional literature will continue to be accepted from the Granite State’s southwestern section is because the Monadnock Region Association is a member of the New England Council.


May 23, 1995

WASHINGTON — AIDS and Ebola may be just cautionary warnings of many other killer viruses that could suddenly flash through the human population as a result of genetic mutation or social changes that favor the disease, experts say.

A plan to protect rare plants and animals along the Connecticut River Valley won’t be like any other type of national refuge, according to details released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The service’s plan, issued late last week, calls for protecting a patchwork of thousands of acres in the valley and forging partnerships between private groups and public agencies.