Thursday, March 26, 1970

CONCORD — If New Hampshire’s 72 parochial schools were to close their doors, it would cost the local taxpayers of the state more than $12 million a year in operational costs alone to educate the more than 25,000 pupils who would enter the state’s public school system. On top of that amount could come even more costs for new school construction in those districts where present parochial school buildings could not be absorbed into the public school system.

DURHAM — The 22-year old New England Green Pastures dairy educational program may soon convert part of its efforts into increasing public understanding of the need for environmental improvement and land use planning. The group’s executive committee has recommended that Green Pastures develop an information program emphasizing “constructive stewardship of agricultural lands” as New England moves to a more intensified industrial-commercial base.

Sunday, March 26, 1995

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