Saturday, March 21, 1970

WASHINGTON — With the first postal strike in U.S history spreading coast to coast, the letter carriers’ union leadership sought Friday to choke it off and negotiate their demands with the government. There was no early indication of compliance with the pleas of the leadership, which held out a threat it would shut down the entire mail system if agreement is not reached in five days of talks.

Branches of the huge elm trees converge high above the pavement, forming a cathedral ceiling over Court Street. But, the days of the magnificent elms are numbered. They will soon be infected by a beetle-carried fungus called Dutch elm disease and, like hundreds of other elm trees in Keene already have, they will die.

Tuesday, March 21, 1995

More than 100 acres of woods in Keene and 42 acres on Mount Monadnock in Dublin will be protected from development because of land deals with the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. The Keene and Dublin sites are among recent land conservation arrangements between the forest society and landowners protecting a total of 1,700 acres in New Hampshire.

Roxbury’s potluck dinner is said to be the best part of town meeting by many residents. One local said it showed. “There aren’t many skinny people in Roxbury.” The beef stew, cranberry nut bread and brownies were a big hit.