Friday, June 13, 1969

Funds for the Manpower Development and Training act in the Keene area may be diverted to metropolitan areas unless there is a sharp increase in the enrollment. A low unemployment rate, late classroom hours and “lack of glamour” in machine shop work are among the reasons cited by program directors faced with the problem of attracting recruits.

CONCORD — Dozens of legislative programs were headed for the wastebasket today as the House discovered there is practically no money available to pay for any of them. The House adjourned Thursday after acting on only 10 of the 123 program measures dumped on the floor by the Appropriations Committee.

Monday, June 13, 1994

NORTH SWANZEY — While three heavy metal bands rocked Sunday night at the Cheshire County Fairgrounds, ambulances and police cruisers rolled. More than 90 people were arrested or taken into protective custody for drinking, drugs and rowdiness, and about 17 people were taken to the hospital with injuries from overcrowding, according to authorities and emergency workers. “It was a very, very rowdy crowd. Very raucous,” said Lars A. Ogren, Swanzey police chief.

SWANZEY CENTER — Green and white baseball uniforms poked out from beneath black graduation robes and cleats were clearly visible. They belonged to members of the Monadnock Regional high baseball team, which had a double-header Saturday: graduation in the morning, a state championship baseball game in the afternoon. They came out winners both times.