Thursday, June 12, 1969

CONCORD — The administration of Gov. Walter Peterson asked today for revision of a House-approved legacy tax to raise a total of $7.6 million. A governor’s representative testified at a Senate Ways and Means Committee hearing recommending inclusion of lineal descendants under the inheritance tax. Revision of the governor’s splinter tax proposal was sought following overwhelming defeat Wednesday of a proposed levy on the profits of selling real estate.

DUBLIN — The time may not be too far off when the small towns of the Monadnock Region will be forced to join in some type of “cooperative action” to provide adequate police protection similar to that now afforded rural communities by the Southwestern New Hampshire Fire Mutual Aid. This opinion was voiced by Robert Callahan of Chesterfield, chief of the Mutual Aid system at the second regional “town meeting” of officials held last night at the Dublin Town Hall.

Sunday, June 12, 1994

No paper published.