Saturday, June 14, 1969

A new type of housing subdivisions may be coming to Keene if the Planning Board and City Council approve subdivisions regulation and zoning ordinance changes permitting “planned unit development.” The changes, now under consideration by the Planning Board, would eliminate the normal pattern of housing, which places a single building on a lot at a specific distance from the road and the house next to it.

WASHINGTON — The government argued Friday that the President has the power to use electronic snooping and wiretapping at his sole discretion against domestic groups suspected of illegally trying to overthrow the government. Neither the courts nor the Congress can inhibit this authority, argued a 30-page memorandum submitted to the U.S. District Court in Chicago.

Tuesday, June 14, 1994

WINCHESTER — Respect. It’s not what Dennis S. Littky commanded for himself nor sought when he became principal of Thayer High School 13 years ago. But that’s his legacy in the town he adopted as his own and for the school he leaves at the end of the month.

BOW — Gov. Stephen E. Merrill used his own unusual vote to lower an earlier tuition increase for N.H. residents attending state colleges. The university system trustees voted 11-10 Monday to lower an increase they approved on June 2.