Tuesday, June 8, 1971

The first in a group of 153 alleged Sunday sales law violations by the IGA store in Riverside Shopping Plaza will soon come before Keene District Court. Each offense carries a possible fine of $50.

CONCORD — The summer season hasn’t even begun officially except in a few of New Hampshire’s 32 state parks, but already reports of vandalism, illegal camping, illegal fire-making and other violations of park rules are starting to pile up on the desk of Supervisor of Park Operations Bill Carpenter.

Saturday, June 8, 1996

Keith R. Damon, Keene’s director of information management services, showed city officials Thursday night what technology can do for Keene. The big smash of the night, by far, was his trip through the World Wide Web.

Red Lobster had an auspicious opening on May 20 — and the general manager said it was purposely low key — no advertising. General Manager James M. Huntley said, had the business at Riverside Plaza in Keene advertised, “Thousands would come out wanting to be fed.” The 150-seat restaurant saw “a little over 500 guests,” Huntley said.