Monday, June 7, 1971

MOSCOW — Three Soviet cosmonauts today established the first orbital space laboratory, docking their Soyuz 11 spacecraft with the orbiting scientific station, Salyut.

TROY — About 40 people, young and old, long-haired and short-haired, from Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire took part in the celebrations in the Gospel Barn, which opened Saturday night on Monadnock Street. The main reason for building the facilities, said owner Jack Ramsey, was to provide young people with “a place to go where they can talk and where they can get to know Jesus.” The only opposition, he said, was from Troy residents who thought he was building a “hippie commune.”

Friday, June 7, 1996

Did Keene police try to hide evidence of possible misconduct by officers? Or was it truly an oversight that the police department’s own prosecutor wasn’t told about an internal investigation of charges that officers had used excessive force?

TROY — Problems at a Troy dog kennel have led to a broad police investigation of animal treatment. The case began about two weeks ago, after police found a dead Rottweiler stuffed inside a barrel at the Mackey Road headquarters of New England Canine. Investigators then found several of the 31 other dogs were suffering from malnourishment.