Tuesday, June 30, 1970

State and federal government officials said last night the local share of a proposed $9 million regional sewage disposal system will have to be doubled if the region cannot come up with a comprehensive plan for all phases of development in the area.

WASHINGTON — Dangerous drugs are being used to “deaden” energy of some hyperactive school children instead of converting it to creative channels, according to the chairman of a congressional panel concerned with invasion of privacy. The Washington Post reported Monday an estimated 3,000 in 6,000 children, 5 to 10 per cent of the school population, were involved in the experiments with the antidepressant Ritalin and other “behavior modification” drugs.

Friday, June 30, 1995

SWANZEY — Jeffrey A. Hurt rapped on the table, quieting the 50 or so firefighters settling into their seats in the Swanzey Town Hall. It was a long-awaited moment: the beleaguered fire chief, sitting down with the men and women who had criticized his leadership — and each other — over three months of public hearings, closed-door meetings with selectmen, and back-room discussions. But when firefighters filed out, less than 10 minutes later, there were still more questions than answers.

Keene State College students will have to dig a little deeper for tuition payments this fall. Including tuition and board, it will cost $7,973 for N.H. residents to attend Keene State in the coming year, up $150.