Thursday, June 3, 1971

DUBLIN — A letter sent out this week to citizens and landowners in Dublin by the town’s Planning Board and Conservation Commission has asked for voluntary contributions to pay for soil survey maps of the entire town. The maps would be prepared by the Keene Division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture at a cost of $9,000. Half of that figure would be paid by federal funds.

May 1971 is notable for its great amount of drizzle. There was some in every one of the 18 days of precipitation. During the month of May, there were 22 cloudy days, more than twice the normal number.

Monday, June 3, 1996

MonadNet Corp., the Keene-based Internet access provider, plans to take over full financial control of its operations this week. The step, which involves an infusion of loan capital, will reduce the organization’s reliance on Keene State College, which provided facilities and support during MonadNet’s first two years of existence.

JERUSALEM — In a conciliatory victory speech, Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to pursue peace with Arabs, urged unity in divided Israel and lavished praise on outgoing Prime Minister Shimon Peres.