June 27, 1970

The stalwart white pines of Robin Hood Park will tremble and weep Sunday afternoon as the heavy sound of rock music bounces through their branches and kisses their green leaves. The occasion is Keene’s first outdoor music and drama festival of the year, pulling in at least six bands and three theater groups from the tri-state area. Nobody knows how many devotees of Good Sound will flock to the park, but festival organizer Dave Neuhoff estimated yesterday their numbers will be “in excess.”

Recent congressional action on public housing will result in at least 50 cases of federal rent subsidization in Keene, according to Local Housing Authority director Stanwood R. Searles. The action, an amendment to the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1969, states the government will subsidize the portion of public housing rent which exceeds 25 per cent of a tenant family’s income.


June 27, 1995

Testing athletes for drugs has been standard at high-level amateur and professional sporting events for years. Now, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that testing high-school athletes is constitutional. However, in the Monadnock Region, school officials doubt that drug tests will become common.

Hospice of the Monadnock Region has appealed for help — and appears to be getting it. The respected organization has been buffeted by the winds of reform in the health-care system. Hospice appealed for $50,000 in a letter sent to its regular contributors. The fund-raising effort has alleviated the danger of an abrupt closing.