Saturday, July 12, 1969

BOSTON — A federal court overturned the anti-draft conspiracy convictions of famed pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock and three others. It said their criticisms of the draft and the Vietnam War were protected by the U.S. Constitution.

A $56,200 proposal for the second phase of Keene’s comprehensive plan for community development was submitted to the Planning Board yesterday by Hans Klunder Associates Inc. of Hanover. Although the first phase is barely under way, the firm submitted the second phase proposal to allow time to apply for federal funds to pay for the job.

Tuesday, July 12, 1994

HIGHGATE, Vt. — About 100,000 “Deadheads” have begun arriving in Highgate. And the northern Vermont town, population almost 3,000 is almost ready. About 60,000 tickets were sold for the Grateful Dead’s Vermont show on Wednesday, but officials expect up to 40,000 more to just show up.

Kim Jong II, 52, is North Korea’s new leader. And in a further sign of his ascension, Kim Jong II was shown meeting with foreign diplomats, his first such known contacts since his father, 82, died of a heart attack last Friday.