Sunday, July 6, 1969

No paper published.

Wednesday, July 6, 1994

MUNSONVILLE — To rid Granite Lake of silt caused

by construction of a Route 9 bypass, state officials plan

an ambitious project. Barry Keith, a consulting engineer

for the state, recommends that the lake’s water level

be lowered by about 5 feet after Labor Day. At its

thickest point, that silt is more than 5 inches deep, and

it will cause ecological problems for the lake if it’s not

removed, Keith’s report says.

Keene is getting rid of its downtown blues. The

giant blue facade plastered all over the front of the

former Sears store on Central Square will be taken down July 15, as part of Keene’s three-day Street Fair. The

imminent departure of the crinkled, metal skin is good

news for downtown, said Peter C. Ryner, Keene’s

planning director. “It’s symbolic of the revitalization

that’s taking place,” he said.