July 25, 1970

Builders and the city agree the liabilities are there because the laws are not. According to present regulations, the paving of streets can be put off almost indefinitely. So houses are sold and become homes sometimes long before the streets are paved.

The Keene draft board is taking a “wait and see” attitude about recent changes in guidelines governing applications for conscientious objector status. In the past, the Keene board has had very few applications for CO status. Presently the board lists three registrants.


July 25, 1995

CONCORD — A landmark N.H. court decision allows drunken party guests who hurt themselves to sue their hosts if they allege their entertainers were reckless in serving them.

WASHINGTON — Dr. Susan Tillman Elliott couldn’t figure out why the memory on the family’s computer was filling so fast. So she did a directory of the “trash” file — and that’s exactly what she found: obscene trash, retrieved from a computer online service by her 12- and 14-year-old sons. “This is freedom which no 12-year-old needs,” Elliott, of McLean, Va., said.