Tuesday, July 20, 1971

When Swanzey Fire Chief Henry Johnson finished dousing a fire on the Carleton covered bridge last week, he cried, “Arson!” Three days later, a late-night fire took down a barn in Swanzey Center, and Johnson said that one, too, was the work of an arsonist. Those fires are only part of what Johnson and other firemen are calling a rash of “suspicious” fires in the area.

The three-step shuffle, New Hampshire’s answer to the U.S. Supreme Court’s one-man, one-vote ruling, is being danced again in Keene. But the steps to equalize the city’s ward boundaries are following a slower beat now that no new districts can receive legislative approval in time for a vote in Keene this fall.

Saturday, July 20, 1996

Every night, a personal computer at IMR Telecomm in Framingham, Mass., calls the company’s 1,100 pay telephones to find out how they fared during the day. The computerized pay phones, known as smart phones, report how much money they collected and whether they were damaged. IMR owns phones throughout New England, including several in the Keene area.

NEW YORK — The FBI stopped short of declaring the crash of TWA Flight 800 a crime, although the bureau announced a “massive” investigation to find out what caused the huge explosion that brought down the 747, killing all 230 on board.