Monday, July 19, 1971

JAFFREY — Lightning struck the former Universalist Church Saturday afternoon, and the fire which resulted devastated the building. Nearly everything inside the building was lost.

HINSDALE — Racing on Sunday proved an obvious success as almost 3,440 people poured into Hinsdale Raceway and wagered $147,626 on a nine-race card. Gov. Walter R. Peterson signed the bill legalizing Sunday racing two weeks ago.

Friday, July 19, 1996

LANGDON — Two members of the Fall Mountain Regional School Board, annoyed by the finance committee’s lack of accountability, offered an innovative solution Thursday: Disband the committee.

WALPOLE — The long-running dispute between the town of Walpole and two railroads over the future of two pedestrian underpasses in North Walpole village may be close to a resolution. In a statement released Thursday, town officials said they had “a reasonable belief that a proposed settlement of all issues … can be reached” in the next two weeks. The town of Walpole petitioned the state to order the present tunnels filled in and the entrance structures to the tunnels razed because they have become a fire, health and safety hazard.