Saturday, July 17, 1971

Something less than enthusiasm greeted a New England commission recommendation Friday for a major east-west highway passing through Keene. The commission’s recommendation is for a southern route for a highway linking Amsterdam, N.Y., with Calais, Maine.

HINSDALE — When Hinsdale Raceway opens its doors to Sunday racing for the first time tomorrow, add the state of New Hampshire to a growing number of Commonwealths which have found Sabbath racing an increasingly attractive and profitable proposition.

Wednesday, July 17, 1996

SWANZEY CENTER — Rancor and confusion bubbled continually for four hours Tuesday as an increasingly fractious Monadnock Regional School Board again split sharply on several issues, including school lunches. For the third consecutive meeting, the board tried to decide what to do with lunch costs and prices.

Peterborough will be featured in an upcoming television documentary about the nationwide move toward deregulating the electricity industry. The California Working Group, a film company working for public TV stations, will interview Leedham and Peterborough residents participating in the state’s pilot program experimenting with competition in the electricity market.