Tuesday, July 13, 1971

To pay for welfare programs, the state legislature cut aid to education by 45 percent, leaving the Keene Board of Education to lick its wounds Monday night while praying for a broad-base tax.

The Keene Planning Board is studying — very carefully — a proposed 300-unit multi-million dollar housing development on the Old Walpole Road. The plan, presented by Moore’s Falls Corp., calls for initial development of 75 units, including 25 single-family dwellings and 50 condominium units housed in five buildings.

Saturday, July 13, 1996

Tourists who can’t find the region’s big attractions may get help, if New Hampshire wins a $55,000 federal grant. The Office of State Planning wants to install a computerized information kiosk in southwestern New Hampshire, and it may end up in Keene, a state official said.

GREENFIELD — A tug of war was once a tradition at the annual East Coast Steel picnic — workers in the steel-fabricating part of the business evenly matched against those in steel erecting. Nowadays, though, the faceoff wouldn’t be fair. The company has only one steel erector and about 120 fabricators.