Tuesday, Jan. 6, 1970

A new state law pertaining to municipal and school district bond issues promises to cause confusion and procedural problems, especially in Keene. At a special session of the Keene School Board yesterday, superintendent John W. Day and board chairman C. Harold Hannan explained that the law, passed last September, requires public hearings be called on proposed bond issues exceeding $20,000 at least 15 days prior to the annual district meeting.

CONCORD — A plan for limited tax reform appeared to be taking shape today as the Citizens Task Force on State Government neared the end of its year-long study. The task force, scheduled to present its final report to Gov. Walter Peterson and members of the legislature Wednesday, reportedly has endorsed a 4-percent non-resident income tax and a 6-percent business profits levy.

Friday, Jan. 6, 1995

PETERBOROUGH — John N. Isham has rescinded his offer to stay on as Peterborough’s town administrator and will leave the job by June. Isham said he changed his mind after reading a selectman’s comments to newspapers about his desire for a three-year contract, in exchange for putting his retirement plans on hold.

CONCORD — Stephen E. Merrill’s inaugural address was notable for what it lacked, as well as what it contained. Two years ago, Merrill used his inaugural to discuss his plans for reforming business taxes and lowering the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. Thursday, Merrill offered no sweeping initiatives and instead stuck to broad themes of reducing red tape, size and cost of government.