Wednesday, Jan. 7, 1970

Keene may have preliminary approval of its plans for 67 low-income family apartments and money reserved to build them by Feb. 15. Emile J. Legere, contractor for the project, told the Keene Housing Authority last night that his final working drawings will not be completed for another 40 days. However, the New York regional office of HUD is submitting tentative construction plans and price estimates.

CONCORD — New Hampshire should delay imposing sales and income taxes until it decides it wants the services they would support, the Citizens Task Force on Government recommended today in its final report. The task force, keystone of Gov. Walter Peterson’s first year in office, left unsettled whether New Hampshire should end its status as the only state with neither a sales or personal income tax.

Saturday, Jan. 7, 1995

First, the bad news: The proposed Keene School District budget is up 1.5 percent for 1995-96. The good news: If the $29,054,012 budget is passed, property taxpayers won’t have to pay for the increase.

BATON ROUGE, La. — After a year of remarkable Republican unity and success, early presidential jockeying for 1996 threatens to expose internal rifts just as the party assumes power in Congress.