Saturday, Jan. 10, 1970

Why is there no translucent pink polka-dot storefront on Keene’s main street? Or a massive star-flecked radish with green doors and purple windows? Other cities display such architectural masterwork, but not Keene. Is Keene behind the times? The answer is that Keene is behind those times, and not by accident.

CONCORD — Gov. Walter R. Peterson made the Citizens Task Force, a 300-member group studying all aspects of state government, the key to his successful gubernatorial campaign in 1968. Now, with the Task Force report completed, his political future depends on how well he sells its recommendations to the state legislature and the legislators’ constituencies. And sell he will.

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 1995

RINDGE — Another mystery retailer is hoping to build a big store in Rindge. The proposed 45,000 square-foot store would be built on two lots beside the Wal-Mart on Route 202. The Rindge Planning Board got its first look at plans for the store, presented by Jennifer McCourt, an engineer with Holden Engineering and Surveying of Concord. But no one knows — or no one’s saying — who the big retailer is.

CONCORD — Lawmakers have gotten the word about state finances, the bad and the good. Legislative Budget Assistant Charles Connor told the 29 members of the new House Finance Committee and a half-dozen senators Monday that the state faces a $47.5 million budget deficit as of June 30. But he said the projected deficit did not take into account that revenue is running $21 million ahead of estimates.