Tuesday, Jan. 13, 1970

The Keene School Board has committed itself toward development of a large-scale vocational training program. At a meeting last night the board voted unanimously to request the state’s designation of Keene as a Regional Vocational Training Center.

The chairman of the Keene Police Commission has resigned. Dr. Charles E. Schofield, in a letter to the city manager with copies sent to the mayor, City Council and chief of police, asked that his resignation be effective immediately “for personal reasons and because I believe it to be in the best interests of the city of Keene.”

Friday, Jan. 13, 1995

HANCOCK — Though they were part of an important study on a black hole, they were out of the loop. Thomas A. Baldwin and Douglas B. Whiton, both of Keene, run a radio telescope in Hancock, one of 10 radio telescopes in North America studying what scientists are calling the best evidence yet for black holes. “From project to project we don’t always know what’s going on,” said Baldwin, the station manager in Hancock. “... We didn’t know about this project.”