Tuesday, Jan. 20, 1967

A proposal to put a new county courthouse at Winter and Middle Streets was delivered to the Keene Planning Board last night. The idea was set forth at the last board meeting by former member Perry A. Kiritsy, and formalized for board consideration last night. The board endorsed the idea as a possible alternative for a downtown courthouse location and sent the plan to City Council.

A new city welfare policy was introduced to the City Council’s Finance Committee last night. Mrs. Jean Anderson, welfare director, said instead of writing orders for fuel, rent and groceries, welfare clients should get cash allotments.

Friday, Jan. 20, 1995

HINSDALE — Is ridding downtown of the eyesore that is the old Erving Paper Mill worth $550,000 to Hinsdale residents? Voters will let town officials know March 18 when they gather for the annual town meeting. If the answer is yes, the town would be eligible for a two-year, $700,000 federal grant to build a senior center at the former mill site.

MARLBOROUGH — No more teachers, no more books. Those are among the steps being taken to limit increases in Marlborough’s 1995-96 school budget. Two full-time teaching jobs — out of 19 at Marlborough School — are being eliminated. No new textbooks or library books will be purchased. Money to buy furniture and to send 6th-graders to an environmental camp has been cut out.