Thursday, Jan. 15, 1970

Last night, the St. Joseph’s Parents Association learned how recommendations of the Citizen’s Task Force will affect parochial education in New Hampshire. Rep. C. Robertson Trowbridge of Dublin, a member of the citizens group which presented its report two weeks ago, reiterated the claims of Catholic study groups in the state: that maintenance and improvement of parochial education depends upon cooperation with public schools.

“This is really an exegesis on a Bible which hasn’t yet been written,” Dr. Thomas Lacey, Board of Health chairman, said last night. Lacey, 13 city councilors and representatives of six other boards and commissions went to City Hall last night for a briefing on Keene’s revised city charter, which became effective Jan. 2. They left nearly as confused as they had been before the briefing by Thomas M. Stauffer, assistant professor of political science and adviser to the Charter Commission.

Sunday, Jan. 15, 1995

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