Friday, Jan. 11, 1969

Politicians in New Hampshire have offered no suggestion — so far — that the state’s 21 parochial schools be closed and their 26,000 students be sent to public or other secular schools. From the point of view of several school administrators, parochial and public, in New Hampshire such a proposal would only spell disaster.

CONCORD — The N.H. Police Chiefs Association is urging adoption of a bill to allow speed limits of less than 30 mph to be set in some rural or crowded resort areas. Under present law, no municipality can set a speed limit of less than 30 in a non-urban area and the chiefs say they’re hurting.

Monday, Jan. 11, 1994

Whether to distribute condoms at Keene High School may be the divisive question of the day, but stopping the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers is the real issue and will take a joint effort by residents and school officials, say members of a committee studying the issue.

CONCORD — Gov. Stephen E. Merrill remains confident the state’s educational funding will pass a court test, and calls a proposal to reallocate money a “Robin Hood” plan that would rob the rich and give to the poor.