Jan. 9, 1971

“Gee, Governor, I liked your speech, but don’t expect me to support your tax.” That has been the general reaction to Gov. Walter R. Peterson’s inaugural address Thursday in which he outlined New Hampshire’s problems, concentrating on a dollar crisis. Peterson proposes a low-percentage tax on business activities.

WASHINGTON — Unemployment hit a nine-year high of 6 percent of the American workforce in December despite the end of the General Motors strike that the administration blamed for many recent economic troubles.


Jan. 9, 1996

The big blizzard of 1996 has skulked out to sea, leaving record snow that clogged streets all over the East, caused at least 65 deaths, many of them traffic related, and closed down schools, businesses and governments. In the Monadnock Region, it was just another storm. The brunt of the blizzard was felt farther south.

NEW YORK — The Hall of Fame is all about the greatest, most dominant players ever. For the first time in 25 years, the members of the Baseball Writers failed to elect a single player to the shrine.