Friday, Jan. 7, 1972

“Closed temporarily due to burglary” says the sign this morning on the door of Keene’s American Legion Hall on West Street. Sometime during the night a hi-fi set, 30 bottles of liquor, several cases of beer, recordings and an undisclosed amount of money disappeared from the hall’s canteen.

“On The Road,” a new television news program which host Charles Kuralt calls “kind of grassroots programming that critics have long called for as relief from the ‘New York-Hollywood axis’ ” has debuted on CBS to highly favorable reviews.

Tuesday, Jan. 7, 1997

Last year was the soggiest year on record in New Hampshire, and five other Eastern states, too. Just over 50 inches of rain fell in Keene in 1996, with up to 54 inches in other parts of the state. But things were “much drier” in adjacent Vermont, with a maximum of 49 inches recorded there.

State utility regulators have tentatively signed off on a big telephone company merger between NYNEX and Bell Atlantic. But it must be contingent on their meeting new improved standards on installation times, repair appointments and the clearing of troubled lines.