Tuesday, Jan. 5, 1971

Gov. Walter Peterson and the Executive Council yesterday approved the layout of a 100-acre highway cloverleaf in southwest Keene. The unanimous vote by the governor and council authorizes land-taking for the cloverleaf, which eventually will intersect Routes 12 (north), 9 and a relocated Route 10.

December 1970 is notable chiefly for the great amount of snowfall, which was 30.2 inches. In the 79 years of records, only two Decembers have had more snow — the one in 1956, 34.3 inches, and the other in 1969, 34.6 inches.

Friday, Jan. 5, 1996

This morning, the temperature in Keene plunged to 15 below zero. A day earlier, the N.H. House of Representatives refused to plug a $3 million hole in federal fuel assistance to poor people, despite pleas from Democrats to have compassion for children and the elderly. Republicans said the proposal wouldn’t get money to people quickly and called on Gov. Stephen E. Merrill and the N.H. Executive Council to find the money needed to help poor people buy fuel.

What a difference a year makes. December was cold and snowy, a far cry from 1994, when temperatures were toasty — relatively anyway — and rain was what fell from the sky. In December 1995, 26.3 inches of snow fell on Keene. In December 1994, only 1.5 inches of snow fell, and it didn’t last long.