Friday, Feb. 13, 1970

Mayor Robert M. Clark Jr. cranked up his experimental Citizens Night Council for the first time last night, and the citizens’ forum ran as well as he had hoped. The council is designed to give Keene residents a chance to ask questions, offer solutions and complain about municipal problems. Touchstones last night were poverty, an indecent exposure case and dog leash laws.

Many of Cheshire County’s rivers and streams have already been polluted by industries, sewage lines and a variety of effluents. On April 22-24, an Earth Fair will be staged in Keene to show people that other resources are also being endangered by man.

Monday, Feb. 13, 1995

Winchester’s Elm Street bridge isn’t falling down, but it’s rickety. It closed down today, so it can be replaced — causing some inconvenience for people living west of the Ashuelot River. Those people will have to take longer routes to reach the center of town. The bridge, built in 1921, needs replacement because of structural damage. The $800,000 job will take until June.

CONCORD — Two New Hampshire traditions — hunting and landowner rights — are colliding. The Legislature is studying a bill to prohibit landowners from posting their property against hunting, then charging hunters a fee for exclusive hunting rights.