Saturday, Feb. 7, 1970

City officials recommended a tentative plan yesterday for a courthouse annex in the area northwest of Central Square. The plan would close Middle Street, eliminate purchase of high-priced properties and locate the annex on cheaper land unconnected to the present courthouse. Officials referred to the plan as “Alternative Four.”

The queen of the Keene High School mid-year ball, “Traces of Love,” will be chosen from candidates selected at the school Wednesday. Picked by the senior class as candidates for Miss KHS were Heather Gemmell, Judith Metivier, Elaine Nelson, Jane Purdy and Christine Rossiter. The Queen will be crowned by Mayor Robert M. Clark.

Monday, Feb. 7, 1995

You’d better cut the budget now, or voters will cut it for you in March, a Swanzey resident warned Monadnock Regional School District officials Monday night. People are having a tough time keeping up with property taxes and with a 4.5 percent tax increase proposed, people in the eight-town district may vote with their wallets — not education — in mind, George Chandler of Swanzey told the budget committee.

LANGDON — Time is running out, school officials say. What a waste of money, critics say. And so far, it’s tough to tell who’s winning the argument about a $2.5 million plan to expand and renovate schools in the five-town Fall Mountain Regional School District.