Wednesday, Feb. 17, 1971

CONCORD — A minimum salary of $6,500 for all New Hampshire teachers would be guaranteed under legislation before today’s Joint Education Committee session.

HANOVER — Two critical shortages in the battle against cancer — time and manpower — are met by a Dartmouth College computer which monitors the status of more than 8,000 victims in New Hampshire and Vermont. The Kiewit Computation Center also eliminates the calculations and tedious, error-prone research previously needed to produce a single radiation treatment plan.

Saturday, Feb. 17, 1996

Guys in shades and dark coats duck in and out of stores in downtown Keene. Keene’s former mayor holds a sign on Main Street in a snowstorm. Television crews head into Lindy’s Diner to gather common-person wisdom. Must be New Hampshire primary time again.

BRATTLEBORO — Here we go again — or so it seems. Four years and $10,000 after a study was conducted to see what to do with the ailing bridge that connects Hinsdale to Brattleboro, another committee is conducting yet another study.