Friday, Aug. 15, 1969

The future of Keene’s Dillant-Hopkins Airport may be at stake in tests now being conducted for the Federal Aviation Administration. Segments of an instrument landing system are being installed and checked by employees of an electronics firm under contract to the FAA. If the local airport tests well, the reliability of the airport would be improved tremendously.

CONCORD — The state of New Hampshire faces a fiscal crisis in which lagging revenues are likely to result in a deficit this biennium of as much as $4 million. State officials will not admit it publicly, but for the past six weeks they have been aware of the situation and have been discussing it privately.

Monday, Aug. 15, 1994

NORTH SWANZEY — Once upon a time, Richard L. Lane of East Swanzey was in an air show. It was not an organized air show, like the Monadnock Aviation Festival this weekend at the Keene airport. It was brief, impromptu and exciting, and happened in the Philippines, after World War II had ended in August 1945.

PETERBOROUGH — He wasn’t there but Jasper Johns was honored Sunday for his work as one of the preeminent painters and printmakers of the 20th century and as a founder of pop art. The shy artist didn’t attend Sunday’s ceremony, at which the 1994 Edward MacDowell Medal was awarded to him.