Wednesday, Aug. 13, 1969

CONCORD — The surprising nomination of former Gov. John W. King yesterday to the Superior Court makes Senate Minority Leader Harry Spanos of Newport the front-runner for next year’s Democratic gubernatorial nomination. “With the confirmation of King, I’d seriously consider running for governor,” said Spanos.

Another Colonial canoe was discovered last Sunday, this time at Spofford Lake. “We were just sport diving,” said William Miller, who spotted the canoe about 500 feet offshore in 30 feet of water, “when I found an old paddle. I figured if there is a paddle, there must be a canoe somewhere, so I started pawing around. At first I saw only the rim: the rest was buried in mud.”

Saturday, Aug. 13, 1994

MARLOW — PC Connection Inc.’s new president has ambitious plans for the company. Kenneth R. Ratcliffe, a former Apple USA executive, was hired in April to take the computer mail-order company to new heights.

WASHINGTON — Democratic lawmakers resolved Friday to resuscitate the $33 billion crime bill, discussing whether to tinker with the ban on assault-style weapons and scrap some crime-prevention projects that had been ridiculed by Republicans as “pork” spending. Hopping mad at Republican leaders and the pro-gun lobby, President Clinton junked his schedule and went out on the war path.