Saturday, Aug. 9, 1969

“So how come they pick the busiest time of the year to dig up the busiest intersection in the city?” That question is probably asked by hundreds of motorists while waiting for traffic to squeeze around the giant hole on Main Street in Central Square. The answer is construction couldn’t be started on the New England Telephone co. project until the plans were authorized.

HONG KONG — More and more experts are going on record with predictions that a war between Communist china and the Soviet Union is inevitable. The latest to express that view is Dr. Ernest Newman, a doctor of economics from London. He said the two Asian Communist giants are heading for an all-out conflict that could explode between 1973 and 1975.

Tuesday, Aug. 9, 1994

Even movie stars have to eat. That’s why Tri-Star Pictures is looking for a location in Keene to open a makeshift cafeteria for the cast and crew of the upcoming children’s movie “Jumanji.” The company is negotiating with officials from F.W. Woolworth Co. about renting their former Main Street store for three days in late September.

WASHINGTON — The White House today said it was 10 to 15 votes short of getting to the House floor the $33.2 billion crime bill that would ban assault-style firearms and help put 100,000 more police on the streets.