Sunday, Aug. 17, 1969

No paper published.

Wednesday, Aug. 17, 1994

Old photographs of downtown Keene fill taupe-colored banners on Main Street, welcoming in Center Stage Cheshire County’s “Cruising Through the Decades” celebration on Saturday, Aug. 27. Quotes on the banners celebrate Main Street and were written by author-naturalist

Henry David Thoreau — whose family had

links to Keene — and by prominent local artist Barry Faulkner.

A former Keene priest, accused of sexually assaulting four boys in the 1980s, can get a fair trial in Cheshire County, a judge ruled this morning, despite a lawyer’s doubt. Gordon J. MacRae, 41, has asked that his four trials be moved out of Keene. His attorney, Ron Koch, said he is concerned that recent publicity about MacRae’s case might make it difficult to find an impartial jury in Cheshire County. Judge Arthur D. Brennan denied the request.