Tuesday, April 6, 1971

For adults who want to take to the streets this spring with a two-wheel vehicle, the Keene police chief says bicycles must be registered. Bikes should be equipped with a horn or bell and brakes. If ridden at night, a light is required.

NORFOLK, Va. — Julius Erving feels he’s ready for the big time, and that’s why he signed a four-year contract with the Virginia Squires. Erving, 21, is a University of Massachusetts junior who rewrote the school’s record books, averaging 26.9 points per game and 19.8 rebounds.

Saturday, April 6, 1996

HENNIKER — The body of missing New England College student Paul J. Steverman Jr. was found in a swamp, a quarter-mile from where he walked away from a party during a snowstorm more than four months ago, police said. Police believe the 20-year-old freshman wandered through icy, chest-deep water before seeking shelter beneath a log and dying.

Each of Keene’s eight parks should have specific uses, if the city government follows the recommendations of a Keene State College professor. Patrick M. Eggleston, who teaches biology and ecology, says the city should divide its parks into six categories: wildlife or environmental protection, recreation, education, forestry, gardens and buffers in residential areas.