Monday, April 5, 1971

BOSTON — There’s a feeling of optimism in the home-selling industry in the region, but it is tempered with just a bit of caution. There are those who just don’t trust the economy. Generally, according to brokers and bankers, the situation in New England is bright.

CONCORD — “The American high school is a warehouse for the temporary storage of students until they are needed for the work force. But the warehouse now has more goods than it has room, time or patience to store,” Dr. Arlene Richards, an assistant professor at New York University, said at a symposium attended by 800 people from throughout the state.

Friday, April 5, 1996

In life, Rachel Marshall gave 42 years to Keene schoolchildren. In death, she will make another contribution. The retired teacher and guidance counselor left $50,000 in her will “to beautify or otherwise improve various public lands and properties in the city of Keene.”

Vandals using silver spray paint left a section of Keene’s Elm Street looking like a New York City subway station. The vandals drew pictures of marijuana leaves, pipes and mushrooms and scribbled words such as “trippin.”