Friday, April 2, 1971

CONCORD — After debate on a motion for immediate action, the New Hampshire Senate Thursday sent to the Rules Committee a resolution urging President Nixon to review the case of Lt. William Calley Jr. The resolution also urged consideration of a reversal of Calley’s conviction for alleged atrocities at My Lai.

The Keene City Council last night ordered owners of swimming pools in Keene to fence their pools or install other protective devices before the start of the upcoming swimming season.

Tuesday, April 2, 1996

And the winner of The Sentinel’s pothole contest? Just about every road in the region. If you’re looking to lose a couple of teeth, best bets may be Route 119 between Fitzwilliam and Rindge, Route 12A between Surry and Alstead, Route 63 between Hinsdale and Westmoreland, Route 124 between Jaffrey and Marlborough or Route 123A near South Acworth.

CHESTERFIELD — Irvin Bruce’s Monday began well, with a cup of coffee. But it quickly went sour, as fire swept through his business, North Country Welding, and threatened his house.