Town meeting 2021

WINCHESTER — Voters will gather Saturday for Winchester’s annual deliberative session, which was pushed back a month due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During Saturday’s session, which is scheduled for 9 a.m. at Winchester School, residents can discuss and amend warrant articles before voting them up or down at the polls in May.

Here’s a look at Winchester’s warrant:

Budget proposal: $3,675,097, down $17,065, or 0.5 percent, from the $3,692,162 budget voters approved last year.

Hot topics: Whether to raise $25,000 to hire a part-time social worker for the Winchester Police Department. The selectboard does not recommend this article, which was submitted by petition. Then-Police Chief Mike Tollett, who left in January after the selectboard decided in a nonpublic session not to renew his contract, suggested this position last fall.

Other warrant articles:

Appropriating $7,500 to purchase equipment for all public board and committee meetings to be livestreamed and video recorded. The selectboard does not recommend this article, which was submitted by petition.

To see if voters will authorize the selectboard to enter into a five-year lease-to-purchase agreement for a 2021 wheel loader, for a total cost of $138,200. If passed, the town would trade in its current loader, worth $25,000, to offset this cost. Additionally, $15,000 of the first year’s $27,640 payment would come from the highway equipment capital reserve fund.

Contested races: Six candidates are vying for a pair of three-year selectboard terms. Incumbents Gloria Leustek and Jack Marsh will face Lindseigh Picard, Natalie Quevedo, Theresa Sepe and Lindsey Nutting. There is also a contested race for a three-year term on the budget committee between Brenden Hubbard, Sherman Tedford and Kevin Bazan. And voters will select from five candidates for two three-year terms on the planning board: Brian Favreau, Jason Koerber, Bridget E. Pearce and incumbents Jordan Sharra and Dean Beaman, the board’s chairman.

Four candidates are contending for three seats as a Conant Library trustee: Amaret “Mitty” Johnson, Jennifer Bennett, Barbara Depew and Jennifer Gomarlo Howe.

Town meeting: Since Winchester follows an “official ballot,” or SB2 format, voters will elect officers and consider the entire warrant at the polls on May 11 at Winchester School.

Olivia Belanger can be reached at 352-1234, extension 1439, or Follow her on Twitter @OBelangerKS.