In two separate incidents Saturday night, a sinkhole formed on Roxbury Street in Keene, and a tractor trailer driver appears to have misjudged the traffic circle on Central Square, causing damage to the common, Keene police said Sunday.

A tractor trailer heading north onto the traffic circle at Central Square shortly after 9 p.m. Saturday failed to negotiate the turn and went over the curb of the common, driving over a number of the granite posts, snapping one streetlight, bending another, and uprooting a hydrant, said Keene police Sgt. Collin Zamore. The driver of the truck, which had a 53-foot trailer, was not injured, Zamore said.

Water from the broken hydrant also flowed into the approximately 15-by-10-foot sinkhole on Roxbury Street near Roxbury Plaza, police said. The area from Roxbury Plaza to near the Elks Lodge was still closed Sunday morning.

That area is being worked on as part of the flood improvement project on Roxbury Street. It's scheduled to be closed during the day this week for construction.

This story has been changed to update information on the crash and the sinkhole on Sunday.