State officials are warning that scammers are impersonating DMV employees and sending fraudulent text messages.

The N.H. Division of Motor Vehicles has gotten multiple reports of this happening in New Hampshire, and similar scams have been reported elsewhere in the country, the DMV and N.H. Attorney General’s Office said in a news release Monday.

“The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles does not send unsolicited text messages to consumers,” the release states. “Any unsolicited text message that claims to be from the DMV is a scam. The DMV similarly does not award cash prizes.”

The release lists two examples of recently reported scams. In one, a text falsely claimed the DMV was awarding the recipient a cash prize for being a safe driver and included a link to click. In the other, a text falsely claimed to be from a DMV employee and urged the recipient to text back to update their driving status.

If you get a text message from someone you don’t know, state officials say you should not respond, click on a link or provide personal information or money.

“Any unsolicited text message, phone call or email that claims you have won or are entitled to money or a prize should be considered to be a scam,” the release says.

Consumers who have questions about text messages claiming to be from the DMV can call the agency at 271-4000.

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