As part of its social-distancing efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak, the U.S. Postal Service has made some changes to its workers’ daily routines.

For deliveries that would normally require a signature, postal workers will knock on the door instead of ringing the bell and will ask for the resident’s name instead of their signature, an official wrote in a letter to the editor submitted to The Sentinel.

The worker will then leave the package or mail for the recipient, Regina Bugbee, the district manager for Northern New England, said in the letter.

People, including children, are asked to avoid approaching mail carriers and to let them walk away from the mailbox before residents collect what’s inside.

In a news release, postal officials also noted the range of services customers can access from the safety of their home. This includes ordering stamps on People without a computer or the Internet can also order them from home by asking their local post office branch or carrier to bring them a “stamps by mail” order form, which they can complete and leave in the mailbox along with a check.

Customers can also order free priority mail and priority mail express boxes, along with other supplies; arrange a free carrier pickup; and, using Click-N-Ship, print mailing labels with the correct postage, all at