CONCORD — Patrick "Pat" Lavoie's new role as a N.H. Kid Executive Councilor became official last Friday when the 5th-grader at James Faulkner Elementary School in Stoddard was sworn in at the Statehouse in Concord, after finishing as a finalist in the race for "kid governor" last year. Patrick, who ran on an anti-underage-tobacco-use platform, was elected to the post by fellow elementary-school students in the Granite State through a national civics program.

As his classmates played a key role in Patrick's campaign, they joined him for his big day, and the kids were treated to a tour of the Statehouse and ate lunch in its cafeteria, according to Patti Osgood, community outreach coordinator for N.H. School Administrative Unit 24.

In his new post, Patrick will meet with the council throughout the year to advise the state’s Kid Gov. Suzy Brand, Osgood previously said in an email to The Sentinel. Kid government participants will also write blog posts about their platforms, Osgood wrote.