Keene City Councilor Terry M. Clark endorsed Mitchell H. Greenwald for mayor Wednesday in a letter to the editor he emailed to The Sentinel.

Greenwald, a Ward 2 city councilor, is one of two declared candidates to date seeking to succeed Mayor Kendall W. Lane, who announced in April that he wouldn’t run for a fifth term. The other is George S. Hansel, a city councilor at large.

In his endorsement letter, Clark called Greenwald — a downtown business owner who he said he’s known in various capacities for 45 years — a “self-made man” and touted his community involvement.

“But mostly, I support Greenwald because after serving with someone for ten years, you know whether you can work with them or not,” Clark wrote.

“Mitch is more likely to act seriously on our renewable energy goal,” he continued, referencing the resolution the council passed in January to move away from fossil fuels. “He has a better understanding of how to tweak our council and fiscal goals to address our rising property tax rate. We’ve seen that he knows how to do economic development, because he’s done it in real life. Mitch supports welcoming diversity in our community and backed it up by supporting the city’s diversity resolution. The list goes on.”