A dispute over the ownership of a puppy led to a confrontation in which a gun was fired, according to a Keene police officer’s account of the September incident.

Two brothers from Fitzwilliam, Christian Kadlik, 31, and James Kadlik, 33, were indicted last week on charges including armed robbery.

The two men went to a campsite along Route 101 to retrieve a dog that Anya Strandfeldt supposedly sold to a man, according to affidavits written by Lt. Jason Short. James Kadlik claimed he and Strandfeldt owned the dog jointly, Short wrote.

Witnesses said the brothers demanded the dog back and Christian Kadlik fired a gun, without hitting anyone, Short wrote. The people at the camp then handed the dog over at gunpoint, two of them told police, according to one affidavit.

Officers seized the puppy, less than 2 months old at the time, and brought it to the Monadnock Humane Society in Swanzey, according to a motion filed by Deputy Cheshire County Attorney Kathleen G. O’Reilly. On Oct. 8, Cheshire County Superior Court Judge David W. Ruoff ordered that anyone wishing to claim ownership of the dog would have two weeks to do so. If no one came forward, the humane society would be able to put the dog up for adoption.

Kathy Collinsworth, the Monadnock Humane Society’s executive director, said the dog has been adopted into a permanent home.

James Kadlik said he and Strandfeldt bought the dog together, but Strandfeldt said she bought it alone, according to one of Short’s affidavits. She said she had given, not sold, the dog.

“Anya stated James and her are not dating and do not live together and she does not know why James believes the dog is his, other than he ‘wants it,’” Short wrote.

Christian Kadlik was arrested at the scene and is facing felony charges of criminal threatening with a deadly weapon, reckless conduct with a deadly weapon and accomplice or principal to robbery while armed with a firearm.

James Kadlik was indicted last week on felony charges of accomplice or principal to robbery while armed with a firearm and witness tampering. Police say that in the days after the alleged altercation, James Kadlik tried to persuade the person who originally sold Strandfeldt the puppy to create a false bill of sale to make it look like he was the one who bought it.

An indictment is not an indication of guilt, but a means of charging someone with a crime.

Christian Kadlik has pleaded not guilty. His lawyer, Bruce Jasper, declined to comment because the case is still in its early stages. James Kadlik is scheduled for arraignment Nov. 14.

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